Saturday, July 26, 2008

Help of Friends

I could not imagine planning an event, like our 30th Class Reunion, without a little help.... make that a lot of help from my friends. Until you have attempted to plan an event like this, you cannot begin to understand how much you don't think about. First, there is "the place". What place, in Troy, Alabama, can handle an event that anticipates anywhere from 50-150 people? Second, "the date". When can we have an important event like this that will allow as many people as possible to attend? Possibilities are endless and seemingly impossible at the same time.

Once a date has been set and a place secured, then what? There is food, there is entertainment, and there are the other small events/things that make the larger event more memorable. But, there are the "behind the scenes" things that sometimes make or break an event. In this day of legal trauma, there is a matter of insurance (especially where alcohol is involved) and security. We have to insure that the facility is protected. We have to insure that we, the people, are protected. We want everyone to enjoy the event and be able to return safely from whence they came. People make messes! Who will be responsible for cleaning up after the event is over. If someone is paid to clean, how do you trust that it will be cleaned to the satisfaction of the facility owners?

If not for all of your friends and mine that have stepped up and helped think about all of these different things, this event might not happen. This event is going to happen and it will be a "great thing". As the Beez so eloquently put it, "We are great, we are fine! We are the Class of '79!"

Stay tuned.....

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